brandende kwestie // burning issue | 2013 - 2016

The nettle is the starting point and source of inspiration for the project of two artists Dorette Evers and Silver J. Bosch, located in Amsterdam Oost. De nettle looks like weed, but it is traditionally a valuable plant with all sorts of useful properties. You can use it from top to toe and use it in various ways, such as: dyeing fabric, eradicate vermin, fabricating textiles, make paper and it is also edible. We wanted to research the qualities of the nettle and use it to make art. We like to use old crafts as artists to come to contemporary art. With our artworks we want to bring local nature to the attention. We used history and folk culture as a source of inspiration for our search.

From nature to art, from raw material to end product, everything comes from Amsterdam Oost!

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