de oorsprong // the origin | 2012

handweaved blanket of natural dyed wool; 120x80 cm
installation with original picture, grass, soil and wooden box; 150x150x30 cm

A long time ago I was playing on a blanket in the park one afternoon. It was certainly not the first or the last time I played there but only this time the moment was captured on photo. Thanks to these photographs it became my first memory of nature. I do not remember how it was then to feel the grass, but I see that I enjoyed it. The park was still young at that time and was located between the still young concrete blocks that made a neighborhood around it. The park was therefore important, a small piece of greenery with old fruit trees that were the remnants of the former inhabitants of this region.

I did not live there for long. However, the blanket has remained with me untill today. To connect the past with the now and make my memories more vivid, I have reconstructed my old blanket. With self-spun yarns of sheep's wool, naturally dyed with chamomile, madder and gallops and then hand-woven. Ancient crafts that always offered help to people, are never too old for me to make my own piece of fabric.

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