regenmasker // rain mask | 2016

sugar, cochineal, plaster, influace of rain; 25x35x20 cm

The rain mask is a part of never realised installation ‘From the Colonies with Love’. This installation meand to visualise part of European textile history, namely the growth of the textile industry from the seventeenth century onwards. The three colors of the Dutch flag, which in the Golden Age flew proudly of all V.O.C. ships, represent a symbolic story of three important products that came this time from outside Europe: cochineal (red), cotton (white) and indigo (blue). All three came from the colonized countries, were produced using slave labor and had a major impact on the development of European textile industry.

This installation has a performative character and needs to be placed outside. Due to the action of the elements, especially the rain, the sugar forms will melt. The forms will therefore change and decrease at varying rates, depending on the weather conditions. However, due to the combination with the plaster base, the image remains interesting.

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