Silver Joseph Bosch is a non-binary visual artist, performer and activist.

He sees himself as an European citizen, not tied to one particular culture. Silver is fascinated by mutual connections and influences of human existence on the Earth and the consequences of his actions. This fascination starts with the body itself, which is always the physical beginning of all human activities. Through the different cultural and intellectual achievement and diverse social structures and their visualisation in rituals and mythologies. To the material evolution, with special focus on developing of textile and paper.

Textile, as a part of global material heritage, weave many paths together. On the one side are paths of people who physically made them and under what social conditions they are made. On the other side are paths leading to cultural meaning of particular pieces of textile. On top of this are personal memories, emotional attachments or just a simple need of use. All these aspects make textile very special material to work with.

Silver J. Bosch

Since Silver is living in the Netherlands, he is researching in detail the history of colonisation and slavery. How the actions of European colonizantion set the global structures of power and have an influence on the political situation and human condition all over the world with all repercussions still visible today. Constantly observing and learning, Silver comes back to the same question over and over again ‘why do we deal with each other in such a cruel way?’. With no clear answer to give, he practices his art with hope to reach people’s mind and make them think about these questions.

Silver uses materials, such as natural fibres, natural dyes, paper, bee wax, clay and soil, to emphasize the wonder of nature and shows the beauty of handcrafts.